*Board Reports

Links to BHECM Reports Pages for Downloading
  • Wesley Board Resources Version (link)
  • VA Annual Conference Version (link)
Local Board’s Report Schedule
  • June 1st – Local Board Membership Report and Roster
  • June 1st – All Financial Reports (Annual Audit/Financial Review, Budget, Income/Expenses)
    • Annual Audit/Financial Review Guidelines
    • Steps in Conducting the Annual Audit/Financial Review
    • Audit/Financial Review Form
  • June 10th – Evaluation of Campus Minister
  • August 1st – District Superintendent¬† Annual Evaluation
  • December 1st – Board Preference Form to DS
Local Board’s Property Report Schedule
  • October 1st – Property Management Report
  • October 1st – Worksheet for Property Inspection
  • October 1st – Request for Special Funding
Campus Minister’s Report Schedule
  • Monthly –¬† by the12th – Campus Ministry Report
  • March 1st – Report for Annual Conference
  • December 1st – Campus Minster Preference Form to DS