Board Reports

Campus Ministry Forms  (Link to VAUMC Site)

Campus Ministers must submit several yearly ministry reports to the Virginia United Methodist Conference’s Board of Higher Education and Campus Ministry and their District Superintendents. Each report can be accessed by clicking on the forms below. They need to be completed and filed according to each report’s instructions. A reporting schedule for each report that is required is also included. If you have any questions, please contact Becky Tate at (804) 521-1139 or

Campus Ministry Report Schedule (PDF)
Monthly Events and Participation

Campus Ministry System (Metrics for Success) are Due by the 12th of each month (not a form) Login to the site at

Personnel Related Reports and Instructions
  • Local Board Membership Report – Submit Not Later than 1 June for previous fiscal year.  (Form (r))
  • Report of Pastoral Consultation and Evaluation of Campus Minister’s Work Due June 10th (Report (r))
Financial Management Reports and Instructions
  • Annual Financial Reports Transmittal Form (Requests a copy of of the annual budgets and copies of income and expenses from previous fiscal year) (Transmittal Form(r))
  • Annual Financial Review Form – Submit Not Later Than 1 June for previous fiscal year (Report Form (r))
    • Annual Financial Review Form Instructions for Completing the Form (Instructions)
    • Steps in Conducting the Annual Financial Review (The 7 Steps)
Property Management Reports – All Due on 1 October
  • Worksheet for Property Inspection (Worksheet (r))
  • Request for a Special Maintenance or Renovation Funding Grant (Request (r)) 
  • Property Management Report on Utilization of Grant Funds (Report (r))
Annual Evaluation Conference by District Superintendent
  • Report documents the DS review and recommendations (Report form)
Preference Forms Submitted to the District Superintendent – Due Dec 1st

General Guidelines:

Campus Ministry Local Board Guidelines for Success  (Guidelines)
  • Included: A Theological Understanding, Importance of the Local Board, Responsibilities of the Local Board, Board Composition, Board Meeting Structure and Best Practice Timelines
Property Management Guidelines

Board of Higher Education and Campus Ministry Handbook ( BHECM Handbook (2020)