Campus Ministry System

The Campus Ministry System is a monthly report that applies to all ministries that receive financial support from the BHECM. This includes all Wesley Foundations, those receiving Ecumenical Support Grants, and Hybrid Ministries.

  • The System is event based and relates to the statement: Campus Ministry invites and equips students to explore, engage and embody an active faith in God.
  • The system identifies events that relate to the vision statement.
    • Explore – could be social, recreational, speaker – the students are those who seek or respond to the invitation
    • Engage – could be worship service, evening programs, Bible study – the students are those being intentional about spiritual formation.
    • Embody – could be student led study, service projects, mission projects – the students are those that use their gifts and faith to lead, serve and witness
  • The System creates a Stakeholder Reporting System (BHECM – District Superintendents- Local Boards)
    •  Stakeholders are to use the reports to evaluate outreach and participation
  • Why Measure?
    • The Book of Discipline (¶ 634. 4 (a) 7) requires evaluation of campus ministries with concern for quality of their performance and response to meeting their mission and that of the general church and the conference.
    • The report provides one performance measure that can be related to the Annual BHECM Budget for Campus Ministries
    • The reports provide information for trend analysis that can be related to conference goals.
  • For Local Boards the reports should be used:
    • As a means to discuss what works, what doesn’t and why
    • To examine where additional resources are needed
    • To evaluate progress and trends
    • To improving effectiveness
      • Use the system to track performance against your standards and goals
      • The integration of standards, goals and the numbers can provide a valid means for evaluating and improving campus ministry effectiveness
Campus Ministry System Basics

How to use the System: Please download and use the Power Point Slides to understand how the system works. Consider this your users manual. (Using the Campus Ministry System)