*Campus Ministry System

The Campus Ministry System is a monthly report that applies to all ministries that receive financial support from the BHECM. This includes all Wesley Foundations, those receiving Ecumenical Support Grants, and Hybrid Ministries.

  • The System is event based and relates to the statement: Campus Ministry invites and equips students to explore, engage and embody an active faith in God.
  • The system identifies events that relate to the vision statement.
    • Explore – could be social, recreational, speaker – the students are those who seek or respond to the invitation
    • Engage – could be worship service, evening programs, Bible study – the students are those being intentional about spiritual formation.
    • Embody – could be student led study, service projects, mission projects – the students are those that use their gifts and faith to lead, serve and witness
  • The System creates a Stakeholder Reporting System (BHECM – District Superintendents- Local Boards)
    •  Stakeholders are to use the reports to evaluate outreach and participation
  • Why Measure?
    • The Book of Discipline (¶ 634. 4 (a) 7) requires evaluation of campus ministries with concern for quality of their performance and response to meeting their mission and that of the general church and the conference.
    • The report provides one performance measure that can be related to the Annual BHECM Budget for Campus Ministries
    • The reports provide information for trend analysis that can be related to conference goals.
  • For Local Boards the reports should be used:
    • As a means to discuss what works, what doesn’t and why
    • To examine where additional resources are needed
    • To evaluate progress and trends
    • To improving effectiveness
      • Use the system to track performance against your standards and goals
      • The integration of standards, goals and the numbers can provide a valid means for evaluating and improving campus ministry effectiveness
Campus Ministry System Basics

Please click on the slide to review an 8 minute video on how to use the system.  The video reviews system application, how to enter data and how to generate reports:


Update Note: Two changes will apply for AY 2019-2020: UM schools are no longer required to use this system and the system was modified to allow campus ministries to enter academic year “core group” goals. See explanation (Campus Ministry System Revision 2019)