Outreach & Development



Outreach: Formulates and implements a comprehensive program designed to interpret campus ministry and its needs to local churches, pastors, alumni, and other constituencies. Prepares and sends periodic newsletters and other communications to these groups. Ensures that the web site and social media support this effort.  Arranges for annual alumni events such as a homecoming open-house or off-campus activities. Effective outreach is critical to effective development/fundraising. Consider combining the two.


Development: This team is critical to the success of any campus ministry or non-profit organization.  Cultivates relationships with individuals, churches, church groups, community members, and campus ministry alumni to raise funds for the campus ministry. This is accomplished through conducting annual financial campaigns, sponsoring fundraising events, maintaining a database of donors, and cultivating income for the campus ministry.

Sample Outreach & Development Job Descriptions (Co-Chairs-for-Development-and-Outreach)

A Fund-Raising Proposal

This proposal (Presentation) covers the following topics:

  • Explanation of the types of Funds
  • Understanding Why People Give and Stop Giving
  • Examine Your Vision and What is Needed to get there.
  • Establish a Dedicated Outreach and Development Team.
  • The Tools for Effective Friend and Fund Raising.
  • Identify Your Constituents and Develop a Support Plan
  • A Recommended Annual Calendar for Fundraising

PPT Proposal (A Fund Raising Proposal)