Finance Committee

Finance Committee

The primary financial leadership roles for campus ministry board of directors include the treasurer, the financial secretary and the chair of the finance committee. The position descriptions on this page are based on the information found  in the “Guidelines Finance: Handling God’s Money in the Church,” by the General Board of Discipleship, 2016, by the General Board of Discipleship, published by Cokesbury (pages 29-36), and compatible with the financial guidance found in the VA Annual Conference BHECM Handbook (2109).

The Treasurer has the responsibility of carrying out most of the financial decisions made by the finance committee in three general areas:

  • Fund Disbursement: The treasurer will disburse all money contributed to the causes represented in the budget and such other funds as the board may determine.
  • Reporting: The treasurer will make regular and detailed reports on funds received and expended to the finance committee and the board of directors.
  • Relationships: The treasurer will work with a number of persons and groups within and outside of the campus ministry

The Financial Secretary is charged with broad responsibility for three general areas:

  • Promptly depositing cash and checks in the bank in accordance with procedures established by the committee on finance and giving a record of each deposit to the treasurer.
  • Keeping records of contributions. A critical part of the job is keeping an accurate record of the amounts contributed to the ministry.
  • Relationships: Is a member of the committee on finance, works with the treasurer, and the chair of finance. The financial secretary cannot serve as the treasurer or be closely related to the treasurer and cannot serve on the annual financial review committee.

The Chair of the Finance Committee has the broad responsibility of leading the financial direction of the campus ministry. The chair and committee are to responsible for the producing the key financial documents, working with members of the board and implementing financial controls

Position Descriptions: (Campus Ministry Finance Committee Position Descriptions)