Property Chair

Property Chair

The property chair is responsible for routine building maintenance, property inspections, developing a five-year plan for maintenance and submitting BHECM property reports.  A property co-chair is recommended to focus on utilization. This includes recommending guidelines and rules for building use, rental fees and charges.

Local Board’s Property Report Schedule
  • October 1st – Utilization of Property Management Grants  (Link)
  • October 1st – Worksheet for Property Inspection -2020 (Link) )
  • October 1st – Request for Special Funding (Link) )

Building and Grounds Expectations

Maintaining the building and grounds of a facility is a continuing process. While adequate funding is essential, the following guidelines and checklists are considered essential for success:

Property Financial Sustainability Plans

All campus ministries with Wesley Foundation properties were requested to develop plans that would enable them to become independent of conference funding for upgrades and capital improvement.  The plans include:

  • An updated comprehensive property inspection to identify all near term (within 4 years) maintenance requirements – and possible requirements beyond 5 years.
  • A Five-year property maintenance plan (what/when/costs).
  • FY 2020 Property Income and Expenses Budget.
  • Local funding actions that would have to be taken to make the property financially sustainable (independent of conference funding) for the long term.

Conference Property Organizations working with local property managers

  • The Conference Board of Property Managers is comprised of the six local board property managers, a campus minster (in a setting with property), the chair of the BHECM property committee will act as chair. This board will meet annually with a focus on implementing Wesley Foundation Inc. recommendations
  • The Wesley Foundation Board of Trustees provide the ultimate oversight of the properties held by Wesley Foundation, Inc. This board must approve the policies and procedures governing the work of property management. The board, in coordination with local property managers approves the distribution of conference funds to support annual property maintenance and any capital improvement funds.