Property Management

Conference Board of Property Managers

This board acts as a liaison between Wesley Foundation, Inc., and local campus ministry units. It monitors the work of local property management, assisting local groups in meeting local responsibilities for property management. Local boards work with Wesley Foundation, Inc. in projecting immediate and long‐range funding needs.

Local Property Management Committee

Each local campus ministry unit with property held in trust by Wesley Foundation, Inc. is to elect a Local Property Management Committee, composed of three or more persons experienced in property management. The members of this group need not be members of the local campus ministry governing body. The Local Property Management Committee will be responsible only for building and maintenance questions, not for matters of program or building use. The Local Property Management Committee works together with the Local Board and campus minister to submit the property‐related reports and forms covered in the reports web pages and in Chapter 7 of the BHECM Handbook.

Building and Grounds Expectations

Maintaining the building and grounds of a facility is a continuing process. While adequate funding is essential, the following guidelines and checklists are considered essential for success: