Property Chair

Property Chair

The property chair is responsible for routine building maintenance, property inspections, developing a five-year plan for maintenance and submitting BHECM property reports.  A property co-chair is recommended to focus on utilization. This includes recommending guidelines and rules for building use, rental fees and charges.

Building and Grounds Expectations

Maintaining the building and grounds of a facility is a continuing process. While adequate funding is essential, the following guidelines and checklists are considered essential for success:

Property Financial Sustainability Plans

Wesley Foundation with properties should develop plans that would enable them to become independent of conference funding for upgrades and capital improvement.  The plans include:

  • An updated comprehensive property inspection to identify all near term (within 4 years) maintenance requirements – and possible requirements beyond 5 years.
  • A Five-year property maintenance plan (what/when/costs).
  • Annual Property Income and Expenses Budget.
  • Local funding actions that would have to be taken to make the property financially sustainable (independent of conference funding) for the long term.