Position Descriptions

The local board works with each board member to identify individual member’s gifts to be used on the board and how best to apply those gifts to the specific roles and responsibilities.  Local boards organize themselves using varying governing structures. Some boards will have more leadership officers than others.  For each officer and committee, job descriptions are essential. This page summarizes the responsibilities. Detailed job and committee/team descriptions are attached (Link)

Officers: .

ChairpersonThe chairperson schedules the meetings, sends out reminders of the board meetings, assists in preparing and distributing meeting agendas at least 10 days in advance of the meeting, calls the meetings to order, and connects with the local board.

Vice ChairpersonThe vice‐chairperson assists the chair in leading the team, especially in his or her absence, conducts the annual board leads the annual campus ministry evaluation.

Treasurer – Provides updates on the financial health of the ministry, pays invoices, deposits receipts, monitors investment accounts, prepares, and submits required financial reports the Conference.

Secretary –Drafts all minutes and other reports of the Board and the Executive Committee as directed and distribute such minutes and reports as appropriate and work with the administrative staff to maintain Board records and files

Committees or Teams

Boards function well utilizing regularly meeting committees to complete specialized tasks, reporting to the whole board as needed. Committees should consist or 2‐3 people, serving with a particular responsibility in mind.  The chairperson is responsible for forming and checking‐in with committee chairs.

  • Executive: Connects the mission, vision and pathway for ministry with the entire campus This committee typically includes the chair, vice-chair, treasurer and secretary. The Campus Minister or Director is an ex-officio member.
  • Finance: In consultation with other Board committees, develops a financial plan and proposes an annual budget for board approval. Arranges for financial review (audit) of financial transactions.
  • Personnel: Works with the Director and the board on submission of the Preference Forms due to the District Superintendent on December 1st and the Director’s Evaluation Report due to the BHECM on June 10th. Evaluates the annual performance of the campus minister and administrative personnel using procedures prescribed by the BHECM and the local board.
  • Outreach: Formulates and implements a comprehensive program designed to interpret campus ministry and its needs to local churches, pastors, alumni, and other groups. Prepares and sends periodic newsletters and other communications to these groups. Ensures that the web site and social media support this effort.  Arranges for annual alumni events such as Homecoming or off-campus activities.
  • Development: Cultivates relationships with individuals, churches, church groups, community members and campus ministry alumni to raise funds for the campus ministry. This is accomplished through conducting annual financial campaigns, sponsoring fundraising events, maintaining a database of donors, and other means of funding the campus ministry.
  • Property: Manages the property and equipment God has entrusted to the campus ministry.  Responsible for routine building maintenance, repair and/or replacement of equipment. Conducts annual property inspections, submits property-related reports to the BHECM. Works with the board to develop plans for the property to be financially self-sustaining.
  • Missions/Service: In conjunction with the Campus Minister and the Student Leadership Team, generates ideas for mission trips and assists in organizing the mission trips, and service projects as the board may deem appropriate.
  • Hospitality: Ensures major events are properly hosted, This could include weekly dinners, speakers, and other student leadership sponsored events. Assists in obtaining support from district churches or community groups.
  • Nominations: Recruits for board members based on talents needed to sustain the campus ministry.  Annually prepares a slate of officers, including committee chairs, and new board members for election at the May meeting.