Personnel Chair


Personnel Chair

The personnel committee should consist of at least three persons to include the board vice chair and the president of the student leadership team. They are responsible for recommending personnel policies for staff positions, developing position descriptions, filling staff vacancies, and evaluating the director and administrative staff.

The BHECM has specific guidance pertaining to the Campus Minister’s annual Preference Form (Desire to Continue) and the Annual Evaluation.

Annual Preference Form: There two continuation preference forms that must be submitted to the District Superintendent (Dec 1)

  • Board Preference Form (This form is relates to the campus ministers tenure, is sent to the district superintendent and is completed by the Personnel Committee/Board. It is due on Dec 1st)
  • Preference Form (This form also relates to tenure, but is completed by the Campus Minister. It is due on Dec 1st)

Annual Evaluation Form:  The Director’s Evaluation Report must be signed by the District Superintendent and submitted to the  BHECM on June 10th.

Personnel Committee Training VideoBHECM Requirements

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